What is Rain Check


Rain Check is a new customer loyalty repayment option that allows business people to offer rewards and incentives to existing and new customers.

How to use Rain Check





Select Rain Check as your loyalty generation method Ask Rain Check to create your merchant account Authorise us to showcase your loyalty rewards 

If you are using Rain Check for the first time, simply contact us to let us know about your reward and incentive offers. Once your proposal is approved by Rain Check, you will be asked to decide who will be eligible for your special offers. It might be only for existing customers or perhaps potential customers. You choose who can buy your offers and on what terms. Rain Check will showcase your product, service or travel experience and sell them on your behalf.

Once a customer has completed a purchase on our Rain Check shopping cart, your money, minus our fees of only 2.9% of the proceeds plus 50 Cents, will be posted to your bank or PayPal account on the same day as the sale. No waiting for your money with Rain Check!

Some sales will be products which require delivery. In those cases we collect freight and handling charges from the buyer and remit those in full to merchants before they ship.


All you need to start


An Australian bank or PayPal account for us to deposit your cash
Products, travel or services that Rain Check can sell
Direct us on to whom we can sell to
All items to be $50.00 or more

 Build loyalty and sell more products, travel experiences or services using Rain Check

Rain Check has a one time showcase display and payment gateway set up fee of $50.00 which is refunded by us waiving commission on the first sales

After the set up fee is repaid from sales, future sales commission is at 2.9% of value plus $0.50 per sale.

To learn more contact us on 1300 205 504