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Eat Your Drink at Sensory Illusions

New Zealand's newest designer hotel brand QT Hotels & Resorts is putting on a delicious front for Visa Wellington On a Plate 2018 and unveils Sensory Illusions, Friday 10th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th August 2018 as peak to the country's biggest, boldest culinary festival.

QT Queenstown and QT Museum Wellington is no stranger to unforgettable food & drink experiences, this magical affair will engage all the senses, hit the sweet or savoury spot, and satisfy the your thirst and palette with a menu where you can eat your food and drink.

Sensory Illusions is the first of its kind with a curious menu consisting of:
Riesling Oyster with Gin, Cucumber, Dill & Mint Dressing
Rose Rabbit cured Salmon, Caper, Dill, Pernod Dust, Shaved Bagel with Quick Brown Fox Espresso
Goats Cheese Spaghetti with Melon Liqueur Dust, Manuka Honey & Prosecco Air
Bloody Mary Tartare, Horseradish & Armagnac Cream & Balsamic Pearls
Mai Tai Gel, Pistachio Falernum Birds Nest
Strawberry Daiquiri Lego Bricks, Edible Paper & Cocktail Paints

QT is redefining the hotel dining experience and bring signature quirk the guests have come to expect from the cutting-edge brand. The Sensory Illusions concept is a one-of-a-kind experience during the highly anticipated 2018 event schedule. “We're thrilled to provide an opportunity to draw attention to New Zealand's world-class hospitality offerings. Wellington On a Plate is the perfect time to spotlight QT centre-stage across the culinary landscape, when the city is bustling with local and international visionaries” says Garth Solly, QT Museum Wellington's General Manger.

Sensory Illusions is the brainchild of the team at Reds Bar and spearheaded by mixologist Gethin Curtis, of QT Queenstown, which opened its doors this past December. Reds is home to Queenstown's finest bartenders who call upon a replete with the largest selection of spirits and liqueurs in town, to fashion cocktails from the designed list of classic and signature tipples with its own house made list to create some daring and tantalising concoctions.
Guests will be introduced to each course with a teaser of the dish or cocktail the Sensory Illusions creation has come into fruition from. The teaser has been expertly paired by Laurent Loudeac of Hippopotamus Restaurant, QT Museum Wellington's signature restaurant. Hippopotamus' very own steak tartare and chef's signature dish, Mon Sashimi will set the scene for Bloody Mary Tartare and Rose Rabbit cured Salmon.

When it comes to where to have a good time, we're all for being spoilt for choice and with Sensory Illusions, you get it all - food, drink and the deliciously curious.

Date:                     Friday 10th August, Thursday 16th August, Friday 17th August 2018
Location:               The Billiards Room, Ground Floor, QT Museum Wellington, 90 Cable Street, Wellington
Price:                    $120 for a 6-course experience


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