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Decoding ‘Tech Specs’: Laptop buying for SMBs, from the experts at ASUS

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, manifesting your big ideas is no small undertaking. From number-crunching, running between meetings, to managing a brimming email inbox, plus the actual nitty-gritty of your working day -- You do it all. So, why not equip yourself with the best set of tools possible to help you towards your goals?


Having the right gear can make all the difference and being equipped with a great laptop can be one of the most important tools you need. But where to start? From a range of sizes to capacity, styles and storage, the mysterious world of tech can be difficult to navigate. You’re in luck, because the experts at ASUS have you covered with their guide to decoding the language of tech specs, so you can find the perfect laptop to help you on your path to success.


Tech Term #1: CPU


What is it?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the ‘brains’ of your computer. It’s responsible for the speed and quantity of data that your computer can manage, and overall, it will largely influence the way your PC performs.


What kind of CPU do I need?

The most common choices for modern CPUs are multi-core: The CPU tasks are split, within the processor, between multiple cores. More cores integrated into a processor provide more power for resource-intensive work, so you can crunch through all your tasks with ease.

We recommend looking into the latest range of 8th Gen Intel Core processors. Here’s an Intel CPU series breakdown based on different use case scenarios:

  • Intel Core i5 U series – General everyday productivity

  • Intel Core i7 U series – General everyday productivity plus light content creation

  • Intel Core i5/i7 H series – Heavy content creation/workstation plus gaming


Tech Term #2: RAM


What is it?

RAM, or random access memory, is the hardware inside your computer that stores data temporarily so that it can be accessed quickly. Each application that you run on your computer uses short-term memory in the form of RAM.

How much of it do I need?

If you’re in the habit of running multiple applications all at once, you will naturally benefit from more RAM -- especially if your applications are particularly resource-intensive. Greater RAM capacity will not in itself make your computer operate more quickly, but will allow you to multitask as required.


If you’re unsure of your memory usage, many computer users will find that 8GB is sufficient. However, you should absolutely consider bumping this up if you regularly use programs like photo or video editing software.


Tech Term #3: HDD/SSD


What is it?

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) are the two main varieties of long-term storage available for your PC. Both will store all your saved files, including documents, images, program files and more.


Which one is a better option?

SSDs are generally more expensive and have a lower capacity than their HDD counterparts, however for many shoppers, SSD storage is very popular. In an SSD, data is read and written onto fixed microchips. HDDs, on the other hand, use a spinning, mechanical arm to read and write data -- a much more time-consuming process, which is less likely to survive shock damage if your laptop is dropped or bumped.


In short, if you are willing to pay a little extra for speed, SSDs are the way to go. HDDs, on the other hand, are the option for you if you’re on a slightly tighter budget and you don’t mind a laptop that’s slow to turn on and run programs.


In some cases, the two storage drives can even be combined: SSD for speedy storage, and a separate HDD for larger capacity to store your work on. Or, if you find that your SSD simply does not have enough capacity to store the files that inevitably build up on your laptop over time, you can always invest in a large, inexpensive, external hard drive for any files you don’t access often.


Other Considerations

A laptop purchased for general daily use at work should still be packed full of great features, including high quality components, ample battery life, a good screen-to-body ratio, and reasonable portability. A laptop is a sizeable investment, after all!


Before buying, think carefully about which features will help you through your business. Though extra features may mean investing more cash in your chosen device, it’s often the little things that can dramatically impact the functionality of your laptop and the way it fits into your daily work schedule.


If you find yourself regularly in transit as part of your work, for instance, a lightweight device will not only save your back, but will go a long way in helping you stay productive on the go. If you’re in the habit of drawing up plans, ideas or mindmaps, a transforming (tablet hybrid) laptop with a stylus may be your weapon of choice.


So, if you’re working towards goals big or small today: Why not have a think about the difference a great PC can make to your working day? A little research can go a long way in helping you find your perfect laptop match, after all!


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Decoding ‘Tech Specs’: Laptop buying for SMBs, from the experts at ASUS

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, manifesting your big ideas is no small undertaking. From number-crunching, running between meetings, to managing a brimm...

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