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The way people shop for travel, products or services and how they spend there money is being improved every day. As technology becomes available, innovations that improve people's lives are brought to life. The way that businesses reward their loyal customers with Rain Checks and promotional offers has finally caught up.

At Rain Check, we facilitate the background systems whereby shoppers are able to access rewards that are on offer to them specifically, or to consumer groups. Shoppers want convenience and flexibility not to mention simplicity as they seek out the best travel experiences, products or services from high quality business operators. Rain Check offers cost saving low fees and highly efficient service to merchants who wish to outsource their loyalty and customer attraction processes.

We allow shoppers to make their payments for their purchases on our showcase. People no longer have to travel to a local, regional or interstate business to save money at sales or to access rewards. At Rain Check, we collate special offers from our business partners and we then make them available to all shoppers across the nation.

Shoppers want solutions that match with how they live and how they prefer to manage their travel, product and service finances. That’s why we started Rain Check. We’re creating a new kind of shopping company. Rain Check helps people shop and we help people in business to say "Thank you" to those who interact with them in different ways every day.

We founded RainChecks.com.au in 2017 in Sydney, Australia with the specific goal of assisting business people and shoppers to create personal and business relationships. We build and use an industry leading technology platform that provides security and privacy for everyone concerned. To achieve confidentiality and privacy, payments are made and received through PayPal the world-class payment gateway that helps us achieve this.

Rain Check took the first step in its mission with the introduction of our business plan in 2017 – Our Trade Mark is in place and we are now able to provide simple, low cost marketing plans, available instantly at retail stores, travel businesses and service providers of all kinds – either online, on mobile, or in-store. This is just the beginning of our journey and we hope you’ll join us.

Contact us - 02 8114 4424 - office@rainchecks.com.au

Rain Check is a new customer loyalty repayment option that allows business people to offer rewards and incentives to existing and new customers.

Why is Rain Check good for shoppers

Rain Check is a new shopping option that allows you to buy your orders from premium suppliers at preferential rates that recognise your loyalty.

How to use Rain Check

1 Select Rain Check as your online and instore purchasing method
2 Follow prompts to create a Rain Check account
3 Browse for travel, products and services
4. Choose the Rain Check price

If you are using Rain Check for the first time, you can simply choose Rain Check as your payment discount method at checkout. Once the order is approved by Rain Check, you will be able to check our or shop for more purchases saving with Rain Check offers.

Simply enter your Rain Check log in details upon checkout.

Once your have completed your first full payment cycle with Rain Check, any future purchases you you can buy from any of our business partners using your Rain Check particulars.

To learn more contact us on NewsCompany.com.au
Level 35, Tower One Barangaroo
International Towers Sydney, 2000
100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, Australia
ABN 59 596 763 611
P - 02 8114 4424
M - 0498 136 869
E - Office@newscompany.com.au

All you need to start

An Australian credit or debit card or a PayPal account

*  To checkout using Rain Check, all items in your bag need to be a value above $25.00.
*  Choose Rain Check for your loyalty shopping
*  Create a Rain Check customer account
*  Browse our showcase for your savings

Shop Rain Checks now, visit our showcase and browse to save on  products & services

Why is Rain Check good for businesses

How to use Rain Check

1. Select Rain Check as your loyalty generation method  

2. Ask Rain Check to create your merchant account  

3. Authorise us to showcase your loyalty rewards

If you are using Rain Check for the first time, simply contact us to let us know about your reward and incentive offers. Once your proposal is approved by Rain Check, you will be asked to decide who will be eligible for your special offers. It might be only for existing customers or perhaps potential customers. You choose who can buy your offers and on what terms. Rain Check will showcase your product, service or travel experience and sell them on your behalf.

Once a customer has completed a purchase on our Rain Check shopping cart, your money, minus our fees of only 10.00% of the proceeds plus 50 Cents, will be posted to your bank or PayPal account on the same day as the sale. No waiting for your money with Rain Check!

Some sales will be products which require delivery. In those cases we collect freight and handling charges from the buyer and remit those in full to merchants before they ship.

All you need to start

*  An Australian bank or PayPal account for us to deposit your cash
*  Products, travel or services that Rain Check can sell
*  Direct us on to whom we can sell to
*  All items to be $25.00 or more

Build loyalty and sell more products, travel experiences or services using Rain Check

Rain Check has a one time showcase display and payment gateway set up fee of $25.00 which is refunded by us waiving commission on the first sales

After the set up fee is repaid from sales, future sales commission is at 10.00% of value plus $0.50 per sale.

To learn more contact us on 02 8114 4424

Join with Rain Checks now, let us showcase your products over $25.00

Level 35, Tower One Barangaroo
International Towers Sydney, 2000
100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, Australia
ABN 59 596 763 611
P - 02 8114 4424
M - 0498 136 869
E - Office@newscompany.com.au


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